He created great ensembles in which he processed figurative sources of the pre-Christian, archaic cultures, belonging to primitive Christianity in the point of meeting with the modern symbolic abstractionism, based upon the meaning of the essential geometrical figures. In 1993 he began the construction of an eclectic type of temple, with an original symbolic system (evoking the New Jerusalem), around which was grouped a monastic, phalansterian society. In that scenario, artefacts were produced, starting with his ingenious plastic ideas and the multitude of artistic events - theatre festivals, performance and symposia based on revaluing reality as a sacred dimension of creation. In sculpture, he practices a refined synthesis of traditional techniques, keeping the solid presence of matter and plastic sign, in the context of the new media updates, depending on high end techniques. Accepting the means of the scandalously innovating components, as Body Art, he searches for the archaic roots and motivations, following the line of an entire channel of re-establishing the rite as a purely aesthetic event.

Constantin Prut (2014)
Dicționar de artă modernă și contemporană, ediție în curs de apariție la Editura Polirom, Iași, 2015