He begins with works marked by authoritarian presence of the human body. The human forms sustain erosions dealt by the social and natural ambience, as well as from the inner horizon of a being, burdened by the destabilisation of the values. The salvation is represented by the vicinity of the sacred perimeter. The central field of his works is reserved to the sacred architecture elements - domes, windows, Synaxis, plus transcese and salvation symbols (the Road, Path series). With all this elements he builds in Buteni (arad) a monumental ensemble, that gets richer over the years with new elements. Even now, his works that integrates in a subtle way the data of the landscape, compose an open sanctuary, evocative space, removed from the ridiculous, the noise, and the urban emergencies.

Constantin Prut



    (Mihoveni, Suceava, 1940)

    Academic Studies:
    1970 - Institute of Fine Arts "Nicolae Grigorescu", with Professor Boris Caragea, Bucharest;
    1971 - 1973 - Paciurea Scholarship, Bucharest;
    1980 - Italian Government Scholarship;
    1986 - Scholarships offered by the British Council;
    1990 - Scholarship Munich Town Hall;
     from 1991 - professor at the Academy of Fine Arts, Bucharest.

    Member of the Plastic Artists Union of Romania
    Member of International Association des Arts Plastiques


    personal Exhibitions:
    1996 - Salzburg, Austria.

    Group Exhibitions:
    din 1970 - Biennial of Painting and Sculpture, Dalles Hall, Bucharest;
    1972 – Seventh International Congress of Aesthetics, Bucharest;
             - Original drawings by sculptors and graphic Apollo Gallery, Bucharest;
    1973 - Classic as attitude, Bucharest;
             - Contemporary artist and his universe - Galaţi;
                                                                           - Helsinki, Finland;
    1974 - Portrait Contest Paul Lois Weiller - Paris, France;
                                                                               - Erfurt, Germany;
              - Poses: Landscape-ambience- Monumental Art, Bucharest;
    1975 - Plastik und Blumen, Treptower Park, Berlin, Germany;
             - The human body, the Institute of Medicine and Pharmacy, Bucharest;
             - Human face, Horizon Gallery, Bucharest;
    1975, 1976 - Venice Biennale, Italy;
    1978 - Prague, Czech Republic;
    1979 - Biennial Dantesca, Ravenna, Italy;
             - Content-form in the Romanian contemporary sculpture, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Galaţi;
    1981 - Tapestry and Sculpture, Oslo, Norway;
             - The study, Bastion Gallery, Timisoara;
    1982 - Geometry and sensitivity, Arts House, Sibiu;
    1984 - Mannheim; contemporary images, Craiova;
    1986 - Romanian contemporary painting and sculpture, TRAFAGAL Gallery, London, UK;
    1987 - Glasgow, Scotland;
    1988 - Sofia, Bulgaria;
    1990 - München, Germany;
    1991 - Europa zu Gast, Beratzhausen, Germany;
             - Wood Art Gallery, ¾, Bucharest;
    1993 - Bisanzio dopo Bisanzio, Romanian Institute Gallery, Venice;
    1999 - Romanian contemporary sculptors, Greece.

    1970, 1973, 1976 - Măgura, Buzău;
    1971 - Arad;
    1972 - Balta Albă, Bucharest;
    1979 - Căsoaia, Arad;
    1980 - 1995 - Buteni, Arad;
    1982, 1991 - Athens, Greece;
    1986 - Dresda, Germany;
    1993 - Beratzhausen, Germany.

    monumental work:
    1988 - Virgil Mihăescu, Brebu, Prahova;
             - Synaxis, Regensburg, Germany;
    1991 - Pantocrator, schoolyard in Beratzhausen, Germany;
    1993 - Jean Bart, Tulcea city park;
    1994 - Paracelsus,  Zehenstadt, Beratzhausen, Germany;
    1995 - Corneliu Coposu, Simon Bolivar, Bucharest;
             - Alexandru Ciucurencu, Tulcea;
             - Avram Iancu, Hunedoara;
             - Paracelsus, Argula, Beratzhausen, Germania.

    1970, 1982, 1987 – Plastic Artists Union Award;
    1979 - Gold Medal, Dantesca, Ravenna, Italy;
    1982 - Gold Medal, Athens, Greece;
    1993 – First Prize, Alba Iulia;
    1997 - Venezuela's Cultural Order Andres Bello for Simon Bolivar work.


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