Studying very carefully the human body – the most prominent of his works are some of some young women nudes – the artist finds under the gesture’s incidence, the essential and durable shapes that he submits to the compositional rigors. His sculptures have rhythms dedicate by the existence of some balanced assemblies, whose harmony preserves itself in the museum, and also in the open exhibition of monumental character works (The Thinker and Crying, from Magura, Buzau). Being active in his last years, especially in France, the artist is exploring new areas of plastic expressivity, following amongst other things, a sacred vein (as it happens with The Christ, realized for a film of Lelouche) which he discovers in the spiritual heritage of his birth country.

Constantin Prut



    (Adâncata, Ilfov, 1943)

    Academic Studies:
    1960 - 1966 - „Nicolae Grigorescu”Plastic Arts Institute, with professor  Constantin Baraschi, Bucharest;
    1967 - 1969 Dimitrie Paciurea scholarship, while working in Aman Museum workshops, Bucharest.
    Member of the Plastic Artists Union of Romania


    Personal Exhibitions:
    1990 - Air Libre Gallery, Evry, France;
    1992 - Saint-Cloud, Île-de-France, France;
    2000 – Orizont Gallery, Bucharest;
    2005 - Cărămizile spațiului Exhibitions, Union of Architects, Octav Doicescu Hall, Bucharest.

    Group Exhibitions (Selected):
    From 1964 – Annual state exhibitions;
    1966 - 1986 - art exhibitions abroad: Athens, Belgrad, Dortmund, Istanbul, Limoges, Ljiubliana, Mannheim, Milano, Moscow, Paris, Poitiers, Sofia, Rome, Torino and  Warsaw;
    1969 - Romanian art abroad, Torino, Italy;
    1970 - Young Romanian plastic artists, Brague, Bratislava;
    1971 - Romanian art abroad - Düsseldorf, GErmany;
                                                                  - Prague, Czech Republic;
    1975 - Plastik und Blumen, Berlin, Germany;
    1976 - Venice Biennale, Italy;
    1977 - Romanian art abroad - Dortmund, Germany;
                                                                  - Warsaw, Poland.
    1978 - International Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture, Amiens, France;
    1985 - Sculpture Triennial, Budapest, Hungary;
    1987, 1988 - Grands et jeunes d’aujourd’hui, Paris, France;
    1988, 1989 - Art Sacré, Paris, France;
    1989 - 2010 - Réalités Nouvelles, Paris, France;
    1991 - Ciel Ouvert, Noisy-le-Grand, Île-de-France, France;
    1993 - 6 artistes d’Evry, Repentigny, Canada;

    1970, 1975 - Măgura, Buzău;
    1972 - Balta Albă, Bucharest;
             - Vyšné, Ružbachy, Czechoslovakia.

    1971 - Prize awarded by the Union of Artists Collective at Symposium in Magura, Buzău;
             - Youth Prize awarded by the Union of Plastic Artists;
    1978 – Plastic artists union prize  for sculpture.


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