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Wihelstrasse 9, CH-6318, Walchwil, Elveția



        Andreia Bove’s art is defined by a will to exist. This manifests through the passionate search of the human being, by vegetal elements mutation fantasy into artistic values, by the verve, the vivacity and the humor of her painted ceramics.
        The fruit of a never-ceasing search and a true passion for creating shapes, Andreia Bolve’s sculpture refuses the violence, the excessive deformations, the absurd and the exaggerations. She prefers the harmony, the order and the balance. She is a humanist artist and she expresses her faith in the human being’s destiny.
        All the life’s phases are represented in her portraits. The childhood, the adolescence, the youth, the maturity, the maternity and the old age, have a deep sense of human truth.
        She also grants a human side to the plants, to the unanimated objects, integrating them in the unanimous life of the Universe. But what I find the most important is that she is modelling the clay with delight and love, which she is battering with voluptuousness, imprinting the forms of her visions, the sensibility and the intelligence of touching, through which she express the presence of an artist’s soul.

Ionel Jianou



    (Bucharest, 1935; established in Switzerland)

    Academic Studies:
    - „Ion Luca Caragiale” Institute of Theatre Art;
    1982 - 1984 - private lessons  with Zoe Băicoianu;
                         - specialization courses with Hanna Streif (Walchwil, Switzerland) and Vollenweider; Fusing (glass) with Felicitas Wick (Brunnen, Germania); stone with Christian Breitenstein (Zug, Switzerland);
    2005 - The Mosaicisti International Cooperative, Romanian mosaic courses with Marco Santi, Ravenna, Italy.

    Member of Verband Schweizer Bildhauer und Steinmetzmeister (Sculptors and the master stonemasons Union) 
    Member of IGKultur Zug, Switzerland
    Member of Zuger International Woman Club, Zug, Switzerland
    Member of Zuger International Business Forum, Zug, Switzerland
    Member of Theatre Union of Romania, Bucharest


    Personal Exhibitions (Selections):
    1984 - Kirchgemeindehaus, with painter Sorin Ionescu, Gstaad, Switzerland;
    1985 - Kirchgen^meindehaus,Gstaad, Switzerland;
             - Kolin Galerie, Zug, Switzerland;
             - Sparkasse, with painter Christine Oancea, Titisee-Neustadt, Germany;
    1986 - Galeria Vigà, Basel, Switzerland;
             - Herberger Stadt Museum, München, Germany;
             - Baslerhof Gallery, Lucerna, Switzerland;
    1987 – Everarts Gallery, Paris, France;
    1988 - Alex Gallery, Washington, USA;
    1989 – Vorzug Gallery, Zug, Switzerland; 
             - Credit Suisse Bank, Zug, Switzerland;
             - Diezart Gallery, Sion, Switzerland;
             - Annie Robyr Gallery, Crans Montana, Switzerland;
    1990 – Glasshuus Gallery, Zug, Switzerland;
    1991 - La Nassa Gallery, Lecco, Italy;
             - Dr. Dolezal Gallery, Zürich, Switzerland;
             - Glasshuus Gallery, Zug, Switzerland;
             - Rathaus, with painter Margrith Burchard, Zug, Switzerland;
    1992 - Spitalului Wädenswil Gallery, with painter Dagmar Merzinsky, Wädenswil, Switzerland;
             - 10 years Retrospective Altstadthalle, Zug, Switzerland;
             - Chateau Gütsch Gallery, Lucerna, Switzerland;
    1994 – Meyer Gallery, with painter Randsome Stanley (USA), Arth-Goldau, Switzerland;
             - Spitalului Wädenswil Gallery, with Joanis Bazbas (Greece), reliefs in wood, Wädenswil, Switzerland;
    1996 – Gübelin Jewelry, Zürich, Switzerland;
             - Unveiling the relief, Lucian Blaga, Berna, Switzerland;
    1997 - Altstadthalle, with painter Mariann Wiederkehr, Zug, Switzerland;
    1998 - Unveiling the “Harmony” monumental sculpture, Center Elisabeth, Walchwil, Switzerland;
    1999 – Altstadt Gallery, with pictor Hans Rudolf Strupler, Berna, Switzerland;
             - Unveiling the bust of the violinist named Yehudi Menuhin, Saanen-Gstaad, Switzerland;
             - Picpus Gallery, Montreux, Switzerland;
    2000 - Unveiling the Mihai Eminescu monumental sculpture, Hotel de Ville, Vevey, Switzerland;
             - Finartis Gallery, with painter Rosemarie Arnet, Zug, Switzerland;
             - Altstadthalle, with painter Charlotte Hürlimann, Zug, Switzerland;
    2001 - Zum Elephanten Gallery, with painter Rosemarie Singleton (Ukraine), Zurzach, Switzerland;
    2005 - Zenter Mütschi, Walchwill, Switzerland;
    2007 - Placing funeral sculpture of Hans Peter Graf at the cemetery of Lucerne, Switzerland;
    2008 – Mauriziushof Gallery, with painter Rosalia Decker-Maier (DE), Zurzach, Switzerland;
    2011 - Valiant Bank, Zug, Switzerland.

    Group Exhibitions (Selected):
    1986 - Del Mese-Fischer Gallery, Meisterschwanden, Switzerland;
    1988 - Del Mese-Fischer Gallery Meisterschwanden, Switzerland;
    1989 - Ada Zunino Gallery Milano, Italy;
    1990 - Ecole Politechnique, Montréal, Canada;
             - Annie Robyr Gallery,  Crans-Montana, Switzerland;
    1991 - Am Bogen Gallery  Bremgarten, Switzerland;
             - d’Etraz Gallery Lausanne, Switzerland;
    1992 - Centre Culturel Wasserbillig, Luxemburg;
    1993 – Diezart Gallery, Montreux și Vevey, Switzerland;
             - Wädenswil hospital’s Gallery, Wadenswil, Switzerland;
    1994 - Kunsthalle, St. Moritz, Switzerland;
             - Glasshuus Gallery, Zug, Switzerland;
    1995 – Promenade Gallery, Davos Platz, Switzerland;
             - Allegra Gallery, Kloster, Switzerland;
    1996 - M. Steinemann Gallery, Ottoberg, Switzerland;
    1997 -  Leuenberger Gallery Zürich, Switzerland;
    1998 - Open Air, Birkenwäldi, Oberaegeri, Switzerland;
             - Open Air, Aeskulap Klinik, Brunnen, Switzerland;
             - Centro Culturale Italiano Exhibition, Zürich, Switzerland;
             - M. Steinemann Gallery, Ottoberg, Switzerland;
    1999 – Eule Gallery, Davos, Switzerland;
             - Eule Art Gallery, St. Gallen, Switzerland;
    2001 - Art Group 10, Altstadthalle, Zug, Switzerland;
             - Finartis Gallery, Zug, Switzerland;
    2003 – Finartis Gallery, Zug, Switzerland;
    2004 - Art Group 10, Alstadthalle, Zug, Switzerland;
             - Picpus Gallery, Montreux, Switzerland;
    2006 - Art Group 10, Altstadthalle, Zug, Switzerland;
    2007 – Anixis Gallery,  Baden, Switzerland;
    2008 - Art Group 10, Altstadthalle, Zug, Switzerland;
    2011 - Art Group 10, Altstadthalle, Zug, Switzerland;
             - Maison Visinand, Montreux, Switzerland;
             - Festival Hall of City Hall, Walchwil, Switzerland;
    2012 - Portes Ouvertes, Embassy of Romania in Switzerland;
             - Collective exhibition, Neuheim, Zug, Switzerland;
    2013 - Sculpture Exhibition, Open Air, Oberaeger, Switzerland;
             - Art Group 10, Altstadthalle, Zug, Switzerland.

    Sculpture camps:
    1992 -  Alberto Sculpture(2,75 m), La Pietra e il Mare, Riccione, Italy;
    1993 – Abbraccio Sculpture (1,30 m), Nanto Pietra, Nanto-Vicenza, Italy;
             -love Sculpture, Budduso, Sardinia, Italy;
    1996 – Torso Sculpture Frauen in Kunst, Brunnen, Switzerland;
             - All’ ombra della madre Sculpture, Scogliera viva, Carole, Veneția, Italy;
    1999 – Bird Sculpture, Open Air Sculptures, Morges, Switzerland.

    Trade fairs, Art salons:
    1986 - Salon d’Automne, Paris, France;
             - La XIV-ma Biennale della Piccola Scultura, Padova, Italy;
    1988 - Arte Roma-Eur, Rome, Italy;
             - Biennale Dantesca, Ravenna, Italy;
    1989 - Barcelona International Art Fair 89, Barcelona, Spain;
             - Arte Roma Eur, Rome, Italy;
    1990 - Habitat et Jardin, Geneva, Switzerland;
             - Arte Roma Eur 90, Rome, Italy;
             - Barcelona Int, Art Fair 90, Barcelona, Spain;
    1991 - Art Fair Rotonda 91, Livorno, Italy;
             - Arte Roma Eur, Rome, Italy;
             - Centre Culturel Wasserbillig, Luxemburg;
    1992 - X-ma Biennale Dantesca, Ravenna, Italy;
             - Centre Culturel Wasserbillig, Luxemburg;
    2000 - Triennale de la sculpture en verre, Luxmburg.

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    2000 - Gedenkfeier Medaille (Commemorative Medal), unveiling the monument of Mihai Eminescu, Vevey, Switzerland.


    Jianou, Ionel, Monography of Andreia Bove, du Borrego Publishing house, Paris, 1987.

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