For Florin Strejac, the passion for volumes coexists with the intellectual pleasure to pervade the backstage of history, developing sequentially / consecutively, surprisingly and generatively. The ability to project and to technically accomplish his personal sculptural works is supplemented by the experience of interacting with other artists’ works from public and private collections. This historical perspective, accumulated by the artist (together) with the restorer of sculpture role within the County Museum in Târgu Mureş, is very useful and specific to Florin Strejac’s artistic approach. His personal style, at first eclectic / broad- ranging, but becoming more and more coalescent and relevant over time, is characterized by the authentic and vivid relationship with each material.
The wood is endowed with themes related to signs of life’s vibrations: anthropomorphic volumes, references to animal or equine forms. The metal works exhale the view of the modern artist’s passion for history and archaeology. The works in which we encounter elements related to kinetics notions – such as the wheel – are, in fact, physically immobile, their movement being an imaginative projection. The symbolic references to the wheeled bull from Cucuteni, the ancient Greek chariots or the pre-Columbian artefacts such as the wheeled cats are strongly visible / discernible. With regards to the lithic material, this becomes a motif for the deployment of ample compositions, which enter a modern dialogue with space. The monumental sculptures created for the occasion of participating in different symposia in China, Germany, Romania or Spain reveal the organic link between Florin Strejac’s works and the fundamental precepts of the abstract sculpture’s form.

Andreea Foanene (2014)