Graduate of the University of Arts and Design of Cluj in 1996, Cristian Rusu manifests his passion for volume in a spectacular setting, scenography being one of the fields in which the artist considers to be free, innovative, useful and efficient. The artist feels the need to peel off / decorticate space and spatial projections with the purpose of comprehending and renewing it. The studies dedicated to alpine geometry support the viewing of the form as a method of sculpting space. The conceptual and physical opposition between the natural space and the architectural one generates a type of creative anguish that irrigates the space of the artistic imagery and it bears / gives birth to ideas. Cristian Rusu gives interdisciplinary public lectures on contemporary art themes in Romania and Austria, and also at the University in Innsbruck, Austria (Faculty of Architecture) and in the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca (Faculty of Architecture).

Andreea Foanene (2014)