Colonies of arthropods bundle up in installations or organic compositions. Life sized porcelain stag beetles seem to be alive and start to swarm around, to fly, to populate space as if they were in their own environment. Ioana Setran creates this type of microcosms, justifying her gesture by the fact that three quarters of the Earth’s creatures are insects. The head, the thorax and the abdomen are thoroughly and separately modelled and then they are assembled in the final form, whose compositional affinities are comparable with the ceramics created by the French artist Bernard Palissy. With mimetic shapes, inspired by nature, those Lucanus Cervus are pasted with white, invested with energies generating purity and light. The animal reign interferes with the vegetal one so that the elytra become leaves and vice versa. Ioana Setran’s chitin beings take a bit of the environment they live in. They dwell in platform vestibules in which even the rustling of the grass is rendered. Only wind does not become heard, however it can be felt in the inflorescences’ undulations. Crustaceans, molluscs and seaweed are placed on rondebosse spheres. Ovoid baroque clades, 
just like the work Animaux marins (1987), are recorded in the history of fine arts by mentioning them in international catalogues such as Sculptures du XXe siècle Collections du Musée d`art et d’histoire-Geneve (5 julliet-30 septembre 1984).

Raluca Băloiu (2014)