A sculptress trained at the art academy from Cluj, in Romul Ladea’s class, Rodica Stanca Pamfil got involved, as almost all of her congeners, in composing the public forum statuary, either in creation camps, or executing monumental works of a social request kind. She alternated in her creation the representation of portraits and busts of some historic and cultural personalities, namely the anthropomorphic figurative, with a free expression sculpture, particularly abstract. Rodica Stanca Pamfil’s favourite materials were stone and wood. For the latter she proved an almost genetic endowment because she originated from an area with a long tradition in processing it. In this manner, she developed an entire direction which the younger generations of sculptors would follow, being attracted by the popular technique objects’ archaic character, reinterpreted and revalued in contemporary sculpture.

Luiza Barcan (2014)