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        Experienced sculptor from Timisoara, stylistically well anchored in the urban cultural context.  The series of metamorphoses materialized in the concreteness of the solid tri-dimensional, caved with surgical mathematic precision, rakishly evoke, honestly and prompt, that vibrating passion, that violently erupts from within the geometric womb of lithic raw material.
Abstract volumetrical works, island-like textured, perfectly balanced in the harmonic dialogue’s alternating rhythm, convex concave, saturating the aerated palimpsest, transitorily touched surfaces, in a very precise way, right at the frontier that stands between colour, texture and volume. The ronde-bosse summoning series creates a whole, special by its constant synchronism fully released by coherent joining in the common aestheticism context, in a perfect environmental symbiosis, circumstantially following the sober, generous area of Calpe Gallery.

(Stillness Metamorphoses by Gabriel Kelemen)



    (Padureni , Timis, 1969)
    Academic studies:
    Art and Design Faculty, West University, Timisoara.


    Personal exhibitions:
    1998 - Art Museum, Timisoara;
    2002 - Dumbravita city hall, Timis;
    2003 -  The Wood, sculpture exhibition within the “Art in the Street” Project, Timisoara;
    2003 - The Stone, sculpture exhibition within the “Art in the Street” Project, Timisoara;
    2005 - Heavy Bread, sculpture exhibition within the “Art in the Street” Project, Timisoara;
             - Timisoara, the Small Vienna, Timisoara;
    2006 - Stories in wood and skin, Axa Art Gallery, Timisoara;
    2007 - Stories in wood and skin, Axa Art Gallery, Timisoara;
    2008 - About Feminine, Rubin Foundation, Timisoara;
    2009 - At Foot’s Pace, Lima Gallery, Timisoara;
    2013 - Metamorphoses, Calpe Gallery, Timisoara.
    Group exhibitions:
    1992 - 1+2 Exhibition, Timisoara;
             - Europe Toi, Nimes, France;
    1996 - Salon 96, Timisoara;
    1998 - Small Sculpture Biennale, Arad;
    2000 - Revelation and Angels, Catholic Cathedral, Timisoara;
             - Academic Cultural Foundation, Timisoara;
    2002 - Reinbach, Germany;
    2005 - ­­ Small Sculpture Biennale, Timisoara;
    2006 - International Exhibition BakanArt, Serbia;
    2007 - Confirmations, Helios Gallery, Timisoara;
             - International Exhibition Mraconia-Dubova, Helios Gallery, Timisoara;
    2008 - International Exhibition Mraconia-Dubova, Art Museum, Timişoara;
             - Pastel Urban, Timişoara;
    2009 - Expoziția Internațională Mraconia-Dubova, Galeria Pygmalion, Timişoara;
             - Urban Pastel, Timişoara;
    2010 - Rubin-Dubova, Pygmalion Gallery, Timişoara;
             - Urban Pastel, Timişoara;
    2011 - Rubin-Dubova, Art Museum, Timişoara;
             - European Bridges, Art Museum, Constanţa;
             - Small bronze Sculpture Biennale, bronze age, Art Museum, Cluj-Napoca;
             - Barrique Art, Art Museum, Timişoara;
    2012 - Art Frontier, Romanian Cultural Centre, Budapest, Ungary;
             - Artistic Residence, Creuse, France;
             - Est Ethique, Mericourt, France.

    1991 - 1992 - Oravita (marble), Caras-Severin;
    1993 - Ciclova (marble), Caras-Severin;
    1994 - Sibiu;
    1995 - Alba-Iulia (wood, metal);
             - Macea (stone, wood), Arad;
    1998 - International Sculpture Symposium Sinergiy (wood, stone, glass), Pănăşeşti, Republic of Moldavia;
    2001 - Artuborg (stone, glass), Bucharest;
    2002 - Artuborg (stone, metal, glass), Constanta;
    2003 - Artuborg (stone, metal), Timisoara;
    2003 - International Sculpture Symposium Garâna-Teiuş (wood), Caransebes, Caras-Severin;
    2005 - Sculpture Nursery Triade (stone, metal), Timisoara;
    2012 - International Sculpture Camp  Andezit, Timisoara.

    Monumental works:
    1995 - Sign, Macea, Caras-Severin;
    1998 - 3 weeks in Republica, Pănăşeşti, the Republic of Moldavia;
    2001 - Tuborg House, Bucharest;
    2002 - Me and Tuborg at the Sea side, Constanţa;
    2003 - Me and Tuborg at Timişoara, Timişoara;
    2003 - The Turk and the pistol, Caransebeş, Caras-Severin;
    2005 - Angel, Triade Collection, Timişoara;
    2006 - Heavy Bread, Timişoara;
    2010 - The Family, Constanţa;
    2012 - Dialog, Timişoara.

    2001 - The Plastic Artists Union Prize, Ambient-Installation Section, Sculpture Camp “Artuborg”, Bucharest.



    Fundația Culturală META, Un secol de sculptură românească. Dicționar A- D, Colecția SINTEZE, Fundația META, 2001, p. 67.

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