The artist is a graduate of the Faculty of Art from Timisoara and the defining experimental nature of the cultural area in which he was educated is proof of the young sculptor’s creative approach.
          Being passionate about the techniques of volumetry, keen on his personal conceptual approach, strong and efficient, Dan Vişovan tends to crystalize a personal style, passing through the abstract experience of Modernity, choosing emotionally significant figurative and anthropomorphic elements, understanding the effect of archetypal structures covered by the chosen topics.
          The generous feminine forms, proper to a fertile and imposing maternal image, just like in the case of the work called Iron Maiden, become typical corporal approaches, continued by volumes, whose substantial proportions express the dominant power, springing from the kinship with primary, chthonic forces.
          The concentrated energy of the matter employed in the wrought iron works is also approached in the experimental form of uptaking the expressiveness of the vegetable weaving craft. Vişovan creates volumes that are impressive in size, autonomous, stylistically unifying and mysterious by weaving the steel wires. The works from this series were exhibited during the Recycled Spirit event in 2014, at the artist’s first personal exhibition in Bucharest.

Andreea Foanene (2014)