VARGA, Luigi Ştefan





          The artist Luigi Ştefan’s work experienced a gradual development, both because of the dynamic nature characteristic of him and because of the different sources of inspiration to which the sculptor had access. The artist presented himself in a novice stage as a righteous technician, capable of transforming raw material - wood, metal or stone - in an abstract, well framed composition, with obvious expressive qualities. Works such as Couple (1998) or The Tower of Meditation (1997) date back to that period. The monolithic and steady character, the firmness proper to the period in which Luigi Varga created sculptures such as: Column (1999), Altar (2000) or Germination (2000), are traits that can be observed in the sculptor’s work on a technical and thematic level. The recent creations, exhibited in 2013 in Rueil-Malmaison, France, are different than the previous attempts, being purified / cleared out of the matter’s weight. The nature of the created figures, of a minimal Expressionism, suggests references to a spectacular dimension.
          The artist is the author of numerous official public demands, such as: the monumental Nichita Stănescu portrait from Reşiţa (1996), the Franyo Zoltan monumental portrait from Timişoara (1996), the Dr. Antal Jozsef bust from Csongrád (1997) and many more.

Andreea Foanene (2014)