The artist analyses with an outstanding acuteness the problems of the visual language, both in the works realized with the members of the Sigma group and also in the individually conceived creations. He is interested in the profoundness of reality, which he explores from a conceptual perspective, revealing its structures, rhythms and cultural connotations. This experience provides him with the rational elements of the constructions and attitudes through which he manifests his presence in the social ambiance. The same game of confrontation and detachment from reality leads him to realizing some happenings (Spatial Reconsiderations - Master Manole, 1975; Metaphor for a Dandelion, 1975), as well as some artist movies (Multivision, 1978, in collaboration with Flondor and A. Ilica; Anamorphoses, 1979, in collaboration with Elena Tulcan; Traces, 1985, in collaboration with Camil Tulcan). In the paintings that accompany his preoccupations in the field of alternative artistic means (performances, conceptual surveys, artist movies etc.) his peculiar sensitivity is harnessed, a poetic understanding of the visible world, that subtly communicates with the inner horizon’s realities.

Constantin Prut (2014)
Dicționar de artă modernă și contemporană, ediție în curs de apariție la Editura Polirom, Iași, 2015