STĂNESCU, Mihai Cornel


          As a discreet artist during his lifetime, Cornel Mihai Stănescu was one of the most inspired and talented Romanian sculptors of the sixth decade generation. He was not at all prolific, being one of the cerebral artists that submit their creation to a serious and rigorous intellectual process. He mostly worked in stone, creating an unmistakeable universe of shapes, originated in the stylistic Romantic art. Being a true poet of stone carved with great craftsmanship, Cornel Mihai Stănescu was concerned with capturing some unique instances of humanity, creating characters that very convincingly succeed to suggest the presence of life in an amorphous matter, but that is initially and only seemingly in that way. Suffering, joy, contemplation, fear, doubt, invocation, all of these attitudes are present into his works, especially in the workshop ones, but also in the ones realized in the creation camps of which he was a veteran of. The stone transfigured by Cornel Mihai Stănescu humanises itself and gains the attributes of life. Paradoxically, his stone sculptures seem to be shaped in clay or wax. Being solid in their conceptual construct, firm when it comes to conquering space, of an impressive concreteness of the imaginary, they have, none the less, seemingly porcelain fragility.

Luiza Barcan (2014)