On the surface of the porcelain heads, George Dragomir Turia intervenes with sketches, leonardesque expression studies or Renaissance mechanisms. Faces in progress - just like photographs on film - and ample stylus arabesque compositions are surmounting minimalist, augmented portraits. Here and there, certain symbolic elements - rising from the mother shape - give a defining note to the entire composition, bringing forth the alchemy of the mind. Turia portraits with the sap he discovers in the inner substance of each model. The ceramist succeeds to see precisely those subtle characteristics and also some personalities’ specific energies. He captures the generating substance and then he represents it in alchemical colours: red, green, golden. His works are true initiations in understanding human nature.

Raluca Băloiu (2014)




    Academic studies:
    1991 - 1997 - University of Arts, Bucharest, Romania.
    Since 1997 - Professional Artists Union, Romania
    Since 2005 - Visual Arts Ontario
                       - Ontario Society of Artists


    Solo exhibitions:
    1993 - The Central Art Gallery, Slatina, Olt County, Romania;
    1995 - The French Institute, Bucharest, Romania;
    1998 - The World Bank, Bucharest, Romania;
    1999 - Romanian Journal/ American Journal, Orizont Gallery, Bucharest, Romania;
    2001 - Via Romania, Orizont Gallery, Bucharest, Romania;
    2003 - Teodora Art Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, Canada;
    2008 - Jacob Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, Canada;
    2010 - The Memory, Homar Watson Gallery, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada;
    2011 - Artis Gallery, Art Museum, Slatina, Romania;
    2013 - Alchemies of the Mind, Teodora Art Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

    Group exhibitions:
    1991 - Central Art Gallery, Slatina, Romania;
    1995 - “Oltenian Artists” Exhibit, the National Museum of Art, Craiova, Romania;
             - “134 Years from the Foundation of the University of Arts of Bucharest”, the National Theatre Gallery, Bucharest, Romania;
             - The Assos Art Foundation Exhibition, Galla Art Gallery, Bucharest, Romania;
    1996 - The National Art Museum of Craiova, Romania;
    1997 - The National Art Exhibition of Ceramics, Glass, and Metal, Apollo Gallery, Bucharest, Romania;
    1999 - The Municipal Art Exhibition, Orizont Gallery, Bucharest, Romania;
    2000 - The 5th Cairo International Biennale for Ceramics, National Centre of Fine Arts, Giza, Egypt;
    2002 - Dimension Plus Gallery, Montreal, Quebec, Canada;
             - Teodora Art Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, Canada;
    2003 - Whistler Art Galleries, British Columbia, Canada;
    2004 - Varley Art Gallery, Unionville, Ontario, Canada;
             - “Petits Formats”, Relais des Arts, Stanbridge East, Quebec, Canada;
    2005 - “Vernissage Trio”, Relais des Arts Gallery, Stanbridge East, Canada;
    2005, 2006 - John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto, Canada;
    2006 - New Members Exibition, Canada;
    2007 - Jacob Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, Canada:
    2008, 2009 - OSA in the GTA, Towne Square Gallery, Oakville, Canada.
    National and international collections:
     - The Art Museum of Slatina, Olt County, Romania;
     - National Centre of Fine Arts Collection, Cairo, Egypt;
     - The Professional Artists’ Union Art Collection, Bucharest, Romania;
     - The Bucharest University of Arts Collection, Romania;
     - The French Institute, Bucharest, Romania;
     - The World Bank, Bucharest, Romania.


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