(Bucharest, 1862 - New York, 1949)

Academic studies:
1880 - 1884 - National School of Fine Arts, Bucharest, Romania (at the same time, attends the Music and Declamation Conservatory, Violin major, Bucharest, Romania).


Group exhibitions: 
1883 - Cooperative Exhibition, Bucharest, Romania;
1885 - "Stavropoleos" Hall (with two other contestants at the Award for Foreign Countries - Ion Bălănescu and Alexandru Bănulescu), Bucharest, Romania;
1889 - Imperial Academy of Arts, Vienna, Romania;
1893 - World’s Columbian Exhibition, Chicago, USA;
1904 - Louisiana Purchase Exposition, St. Louis, USA.

Monumental works:
1891 - Gable of the "St. Francisc Xavier" Church (Jesus thaumaturge), Vienna, Romania;
1899 - Edgar Allan Poe, Charlottesville, Virginia, USA;
         - Funerary monument of the President Jefferson Davis and funerary monument of his daughter, Winnie Davis, "Hollywood" Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia, USA;
1904 - Primitive Sculpture and Modern American Sculpture, St. Louis, Missouri, USA;
         - Monument of the Confederate Soldier, Nashville, Tennessee, USA;
         - General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson’ Bust, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA;
1907 - The Pioneers Fountain, Richmond, Kentucky, USA;
1908 - Sam Davis, Nashville, Tennessee, USA;
1909 - Opportunity’s Gates, St. Louis, Missouri, USA;
1910 - Monument of the Confederation, Owensboro, Kentucky, USA;
1912 - Pierre de Laclade, St. Louis, Missouri, USA;
         - Monument of the Confederation, St. Louis, Missouri, USA;
1913 - Monument of Labor, New Bradford, Massachusetts, USA; 
1914 - Monument of the Generals Francis Bartow and Lafayette McLaws, Savannah, Georgia, USA;
         - Industry and Commerce on the face of Customs, San Francisco, California, USA;
1915 - Academic Education, Commercial and Manual, bas-relief on the façade of Central School, Washington D.C., USA;
         - Arlington National Cemetery, Washington D.C., USA;
1917 - Sequoyah, Washington D.C., USA;
1921 - The Reconstruction of Metopes and of the Local Pantheon’s Gable, Nashville, Tennessee, USA;
1923 - War’s Memorial, Nashville, Tennessee, USA; 
         - Black Mammy (unrealized); 
1925 - Metopes from James Lee Memorial Academy of Arts Memphis, Tennessee, USA; 
1929 - President Woodrow Wilson Memorial (unrealized).


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