He shows a great interest for the corporal shape, analysed in its conversion from figurative to abstract by the eloquence and the metaphor of a synthetic formal or fragmentary register, of the autonomous biologic organ, detached from the whole, of the deconstructed figural presence reshaped as an abstract and self-referential sign. He is interested in bridging and plastically articulating in a visible form of certain binary and opposed reciprocities (rectangular-curved, heavy-easy, soft-hard etc.). In his attempt to delimit a personal idiom he re-states the same particular issues in singular drawings. He works with classic materials: bronze, different types of stone.

Elena Mihuț



    (Bucharest, 1969)

    Academic studies:
    1990 - 1996 - Academia of Fine Arts, Bucharest.

    Member of the Plastic Artists Union in Romania


    Group exhibitions:
    1992 – Exhibition by the  Academy of Arts, Dalles Hall, Bucharest;
    1995 – Academy of Art, Budapest, Hungary;
    1996 – Artistic laboratory, Institute of humanist research, Venice, Italy;
              - County exhibition, ľ Floor Gallery, National Theatre, Bucharest;
              - Orizont Gallery, Bucharest;
    1998 – Art Centre Gallery, Bucharest;
    1999 – Three generations, Museum of Romanian Literature, Bucharest;
    2000 – Accents in sculpture, Museum of Romanian Literature, Bucharest.

    1993 - Pucioasa, Dâmbovița;
    1994 - Băile Herculane, Caraș-Severin;
    1997 - Vata de jos, Hunedoara;


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