VLAD-LOT, Elena (Lenuţa)


        Among the contemporary sculptors, Elena Lot Vlad seems to be irresistibly drawn by modelling clay, the material from which she creates all her unmistakable works. The artist always finds new qualities and new ways of expression for this inexhaustible material. She transforms it with an explicit joy, she burns it, she colours it, she makes it smooth in various ways to snatch it from the irrepressible and ever changing course of life scenes worthy of setting with her artistic gesture. Her favourite themes are, to this day, the Woman and her condition after the fallout from Paradise and the eternal couple.
        Elena Vlad`s characters made from terra-cotta, conceived as reliefs, as ronde bosse works and "ronde bosse reliefs", seem to be shaped in a glance. The artist eludes volumes and useless materiality. In this manner, she gets to catch the essence, the most concentrated sap from the evanescent moment, and to give it plastic shape. The couples or her solitary characters constitute a gallery of diverse personalities. Elena Vlad creates a convincing world, very unique in its appearance, bearing eternally and profoundly human truths. From the being that is torn apart between the present moment and the future one it remains a shout raised to the sky or a dramatically charged gesture.

Luiza Barcan (2014)