Seduced by the principles of the body’s dynamics, the artist accepts the challenge raised by the natural movement. The primary emotion clearly seen in the shapes of the muscles is captured by the sculptor either through portraying a galloping horse, just like in the work Blue Speed, or through the inner tension of a carnivorous animal pursuing its victim, as one can observe in the From 2D to 3D series. The decorative and utilitarian characteristics intertwine harmoniously, defining the works of young Costin Niculescu. Besides the predominantly animal shapes approached, the artist seeks to understand the nature of things in its entirety through their metamorphosis.

Andreea Foanene (2014)



    (Ploiesti, 1985)

    Academic studies:
    2008 - National University of Arts, sculpture specialty, Bucharest, Romania;
    2010 - Master Degree in Sculpture, National University of Arts, Bucharest, Romania.


    Group exhibitions:
    2001 - Printemps des muse (artistic activities), Art museum, experiment for blind people, Ploieşti, Prahova County, Romania;
    2001, 2002  - Memorial museum ”George Enescu”, Sinaia, Prahova County, Romania;
    2004 - “Omnia shopping center“, Ploieşti, Prahova County, Romania;
             - Group exhibition against drugs (poster), Vălenii de Munte, Prahova County, Romania;
    2005 - Group exhibition against drugs (poster), Oil and Gas University, Ploieşti, Prahova County, Romania;
    2006 - Group exhibition (sculpture), National Universitary Library, Bucharest, Romania;
    2007 - Group exhibition (sculpture), Târgovişte, Dâmboviţa County, Romania;
             - Group exhibition (sculpture), Politehnica University, Bucharest, Romania;
             - Group exhibition (sculpture), “Apollo” Gallery, Bucharest, Romania;
    2008 - Group exhibition (sculpture), “Art Gallery”, Ploieşti, Prahova County, Romania;
             - Group exhibition (sculpture), Brâncuşi showroom, Parlament Palace, Bucharest, Romania;
    2009 - Group exhibithion (design), Spazio Studio, Lipscani, Bucharest, Romania;
    2010 - Group exhibition (sculpture), Master works, House of Press, Bucharest, Romania;
    2011 - Papilion project with Andrei Nistor and Augustin Ioniţă, Côte d’Azour, France;
    2012 - Blending-Johny Deep project with Laura Vargalui and Ana Maria Gheorghe, Gaia club, Bucharest, Romania;
    2014 - VIZIONNATURA Project-Gallery opening with Augustin Ioniţă and Andrei Nistor, sound by Dru Klein, Aviatorilor nr. 9, Bucharest, Romania.

    2001 - Creation camp, Sinaia, Prahova County, Romania;
    2003 - Creation camp, group works at “Cultural House” and “Pârâul Rece”, hotel Buşteni, Prahova County, Romania.

    Prizes and Awards:
    2004 - First prize - Sculpture - “National Olimpics of Visual Arts Arhitecture and History of Arts”, Arad, Romania;
             - Special prize - Sculpture - “National Olimpics of Visual Arts Arhitecture and History of Arts” Arad, Romania.


    Artist`s Archive