A sculptor with a long, fruitful and prestigious activity, Dumitru Şerban, an artist from Arad, became famed over time both as a professor and as an entertainer of the guild’s life in which he belonged. One of the most active sculptors during the national and international creation symposia, Dumitru Şerban left his mark upon many monumental artworks with the unmistakable seal of his personality. As an experienced carver in stone and wood, he is more of an abstract sculptor, with a calling for monumentality. His sources originate equally from tradition and modernity. The compositions, being either workshop creations, or public forum works, are enclosed, solid, dynamic and profoundly imaginative. By belonging to his generation, but also through his vision and approach, Dumitru Şerban is one of the post-brancusian sculptors. Through his vivacity and through his implication in the life of the guild, Dumitru Şerban represents one of the artists that generated, throughout time, a type of attitude that imposed itself and created, in its turn, models.

Luiza Barcan (2014)