A complex personality, the artist Ciprian Radovan approaches the issue of volume from the perspective of supporting the experimental painting he practices. The intellectual structure of the scientist gives space of expression to a type of evolving creativity, based upon the stringent need to escape in an atypical, oneiric world. The impressionist-like spots unfold in free, 
sentimental strokes, typical of an expressionist attitude, in order to programmatically evolve to a repertoire of a psychedelic nature. The artist’s compositions leave the two-dimensionality of the painting with the purpose of taking into possession the exhibiting space. Elements of a Psycho chrome Ambiance, presented at the "Apollo" and "Helios" Galleries in 1973 and exhibited in 2005 at the Contemporary Arts Section of the Museum of Arts from Timisoara, represent a complex of triangular and vertical three-dimensional prisms, realised between 1972 and 1973. The experiments Path through Garbage (1992) or The Game of Germany instalment (1993) stand out by approaching the subject of painting on unusual spaces and volumes.

Andreea Foanene (2014)