Taking as a reference point the image of the human body, Vasile Onuţ’s sculpture constitutes of abstracted, geometrized shapes, but which are continuously in motion that is suggested by curved volumes, caught in a chain that often symbolizes the idea of flight. The volumes’type of design, their fragmentariness and their dynamic evolution in space reminds one, in a certain manner, of the futurist conception. Conflicting forces face each other in his poly-axial compositions, transmitting the strong emotions of a tumultuous temperament, of a spirit tormented by existential problems.
          The impression of tension, anguish, and, at the same time, of vitality transmitted by these sculptures can be found in his xylographs or in his paintings executed in a violent chromatic, some techniques which he chose in the recent years, approaching the sculpture practiced in his first creative period. Onuţ Vasile was also the organizer of the first edition of the Museum of Art from Galaţi, where he was a director between 1968 and 1972.

Mariana Tomozei Cocoș (2014)