POTECĂ, Alexandru Serafim


           As an artist belonging to the young generation, trained at the beginning of the 21st Alexandru Poteca permanently expands his area of investigation and he continuously experiments with artistic formulas, materials and possibilities of expression. Being attached to the mystery sometimes hidden in the mundane daily objects, the sculptor borrows them from reality, he invests them with meaning and he subjects them to artistic transformations in order to also praise through them their silent universe. The practice of taking from the prosaic / commonplace reality certain objects imprinted with the personalities of the ones that used them and the re-signifying process of these ready-mades acquire in Alexandru Poteca’s works affective, socio-cultural and emotional connotations. The artist tries to ennoble such objects through gilding, but at the same time to get even their unusual juxtapositions in an integrative vision. The sculptor experiments with various unconventional materials, in his search for unforeseen expressions and meanings. Surpassing many times the boundaries of actual sculpture, Alexandru Poteca creates ample instalments and he engages in performance actions.

Luiza Barcan (2014)