Maia Ştefana Oprea exhibits her creative process through mapping her inner space. Her interest revolves upon living in her own creation, in her personal tripalium (as she herself names it), just like an evolving organism. The young artist creates a symbiosis between the creative conscience and nontrivialising everyday gestures (by translating them into the works) from which are born shapes called zercs/zaerc (sg.). Transposed in installational compositions or in sculptural unfoldments, the zercs invade the exterior as if being extensions of space, time or body. Brought to the field of the objective imaginary, the zercs are syncretic images, substances of epiphany. Apart from building themselves a space, the zercs represent a game of letters and a ludic manner to emphasize what is being said. They resuscitate a type of dubufettian discourse, bringing forth to the viewer’s attention gestures from childhood. The process of safeguarding them from the memory’s ossuary and transposing them into reality takes place by dismantling the image.

Raluca Băloiu (2014)