Eugen Paul’s artistic attitude bears in itself rigor and constancy, both worthy of admiration. In a period when quite a few concessions were made in favor of a sweetened festivity, external to the spiritual requirements, Eugen Paul endeavored to share his thoughts and feelings through his unwavering manifestation of a firm lucidity. The evidence of absurdity detached from the contact with everyday’s testimonies would let him maintain a keen sense of rebellion, a protester status, found continuously in a state of wakefulness and conflict. Being direct, prompt and sagacious, the plastic gesture experienced a writhing, an explosive state of the form which would propel the expression to dramatic territory. In every work, the pulsations of a traumatized spirit can be felt, addressing to space, time and his mates an urge for human rationale in a pathetic expressionist tone.

Negoiță Lăptoiu (1995) Apud Lexiconul artiștilor români contemporani, Uniunea Artiștilor Plastici din România - Filiala Cluj, Editura Genesis-Tipo, Cluj-Napoca, 1998, p. 129.




    (1936, Deva - 2007, Cluj-Napoca) 

    Academic studies: 
    1965 - Specialization at the Art Academy of Perugia, Italy;
    1967 - "Ion Andreescu" Institute of Fine Arts, specializing in Sculpture, under the guidance of the following professors: Arthur Vetro, András Kos, Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

    Professional activity:
    1990 - 1994 - President of the Romanian Fine Arts Union - Cluj-Napoca Branch. 

    Since 1980 - Member of the Romanian Fine Arts Union (Branch Cluj-Napoca) 
    Since 1994 - Member of the International Association of Artists


    Solo exhibitions:
    1987 - The Small Gallery of the Fine Arts Fund, Cluj-Napoca, Romania; 
    1988 - "Galatea" Gallery, Bucharest, Romania. 

    Group exhibitions *: 
    1967 - 1995 - participates in 27 exhibitions / shows held by the Romanian Union of Fine Arts - Branch Cluj-Napoca Branch, Romania; 
    1969 - 1991 - participates in 24 exhibitions in Bucharest, Timisoara, Iasi, Arad, Covasna, Romania. 

    1980 - Magura Sculpture Camp, participating with the stone work Manole, Buzau, Romania; 
    2010 - International Marble Carving Camp, Caransebes, Caras - Severin, Romania. 

    Monumental works: 
    1994 - Memorandum Movement (monument, marble, stone and metal), Union Square, Cluj-Napoca, Romania. 

    Works in public collections: 
    Museum of Art, Cluj-Napoca, Romania; 
    ? - Hungary. 

    Works in private collections in Austria, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Romania, Netherlands. 

    Awards and honors: 
    1994 - First Prize at the International Drawings of Sculptors Biennial, Third Edition, Budapest, Hungary; 
    2004 - Order of Cultural Merit in Grade Officer, category C. 

    * International group exhibitions: 1986, 1987 - Breda, The Netherlands; 1987 - Munich, Germany; Reutte, Tyrol - Austria Antwerp, Belgium; 1988 - Denekamp and Ondenbrosch, Netherlands; 1989 - Coesfeld, Germany; 1989 - 1990 - Rijindsburg, Netherlands; 1990 - Kufstein, Austria; Bergen (Netherlands); 1992, 1993 - Chişinău, Moldova; 1992 - Ankara, Turkey; 1994 - Budapest, Hungary.



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