POGĂCEAN, Cristian




          He is one of the artists belonging to the Plan B Gallery from Cluj. Starting in 2002, he has conducted an important exhibitory activity in the country and abroad. In 2007 he was present in the Low-Budget Monuments project with which Romania attended to the contemporary art Biennale from Venice.Pogăcean practices a type of contextual art with a strong political agenda. He manifests interest in the Romanian post-communist context, in the interrogation of certain aspects related to the link between masses and the phenomenon of recent history. He uses a conceptualist object to deconstruct and challenge. Spirit Trainer (2006) sarcastically represents a cross depicted as a punching bag, that enabling a spiritual workout. Thus, it is produced through the mutual function transfer of the two objects at stake the glide between spiritual and corporal. The same mechanism of diverting the object from its initial role is also used by the artist in the case of the work Obelisk (2007). In this one, the symbolic function is altered by its transformation into a birdhouse. The Beginning of the End (2002-2012), a marble sculpture that makes an allusion to Brancusi’s art questions the way in which the evolution of art can be related to Modernism.Besides instalment and object, Pogăcean also uses as mediums of transposing his concepts photography, video, intervention in public space.
Maria Orosan Telea (2014)



    (Târgu-Mureş, 1980)

    Academic studies:
    2003 - Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Cluj-Napoca, Romania.


    Solo exhibitions:
    2005 - Tales from the Other Side, DSBA, Bucharest, Romania;
    2012 - Cristi Pogăcean, ”Andreiana Mihail“ Gallery, Bucharest, Romania.

    Group exhibitions (selection):
    2003 - Re:Location 2, UAP Gallery, Cluj/ O.K Centrum, Linz, Austria;
             - Re:Location 4, Casino Luxembourg - Forum d’art contemporain, Luxembourg;
             - Inflexible Clash, Institute of Contemporary Art, Dunaújváros, Hungary;
             - Blood and Honey, Essl Collection, Vienna, Austria;
    2004 - Formate/ Moving Patterns, Kunsthalle project space, Vienna, Austria;
             - Romanian artists (and not only) love Ceaușescu’s Palace?!, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest, Romania;
             - Vršac Biennial of Young Artists, Belgrade, Serbia;
             - Shake the Limits, Kalinderu MediaLab, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest, Romania;
             - Supernova - Art for the Masses, Protokoll Studio, Cluj/ Brukenthal Museum, Sibiu, Romania;
             - Biennale de Paris, Paris, France;
    2005 - Breaking Heart, Insert IDEA arts + society no. 20, Cluj, Romania;
             - On Difference 1, Württembergischer Kunstverein, Stuttgart, Germany;
             - Cover Story - DVD edition, Display Sub:Label, Display Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic;
             - Storyboards. Trapped in the Escape, “Vector” Gallery, Iași, Romania;
    2006 - Cluj Connection, Haunch of Venison, Zürich, Switzerland;
             - 2544, insert, Omagiu magazine 4, Bucharest, Romania;
             - Dada East? The Romanians of Cabaret Voltaire, Cabaret Voltaire, Zürich, Switzerland;
             - Villa Holiday Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland;
             - Werkleitz Biennale, Halle, Germany;
    2007 - Low-Budget Monuments, Romanian Pavilion at the 52nd International Art Exhibition of the Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy;
             - News, “Andreiana Mihail” Gallery, Bucharest, Romania;
             - Ready Media, Netherlands Media Art institute, Amsterdam, Netherlands;
             - Across The Trees, “David Nolan” Gallery, New York, USA;
    2008 - BERLIN SHOW 1, “Plan B” Gallery, Berlin, Germany;
    2009 - 2nd Biennial Art Sector Katowice, Poland;
             - Track Changes, “Wilkinson” Gallery, London, England;
    2010 - BERLIN SHOW 2, “Plan B” Gallery, Berlin, Germany;
             - Aquarellhappening 2000 - 2009, Tiroler Landesmuseum Ferdinandeum, Innsbruck, Austria;
             - Mircea Pinte Collection, Art Museum, Cluj-Napoca, Romania;
    2011 - En Obras. Coleção Teixeira De Freitas, Tenerife Espacio de las Artes, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain;
             - May Salon (Salonul de mai), “Plan B” Gallery, Cluj-Napoca, Romania;
    2012 - Summer Salon (Salonul de vară), “Plan B” Gallery, Cluj-Napoca, Romania;
             - European Travellers: Art From Cluj Today, Mucsarnok Kunsthalle, Budapest, Hungary;
             - Cer variabil. Works from the Mircea Pinte Collection, The Netherlands Collectors House, Heerlen, KNetherlands;
    2013 - Hotspot Cluj - New Romanian Art, ARKEN Museum for Moderne Kunst, Ishøj, Denmark.

    Works in public collections: 
     - Kunsthaus Zürich, Switzerland;
     - Essl Museum, Klosterneuburg, Austria.


    Surse web: