The combination between strength and sensitivity, characteristic of Laura Şoneriu’s sculptures, is a sign of the truthfulness that the young artist relates to the artistic act. Therefore one can discover the sculptress’ personality in each of the created works. Being aware of her own status and of the importance that every gesture has in the adventure of defining her identity, Laura Şoneriu follows the natural course of events, the graduation of specialized studies being followed by a period of intense work, of enhancement, of continuously experimenting the traditional techniques and of searching new sources of inspiration. The ethnographic sources of the wooden works illustrate the sense of equilibrium and the ingenuity of form composition, the busts of contemporary personalities are proof of a correct knowledge of anatomy and expressivity, the monumental works, such as The Triptych from Magura, are well proportioned and adjusted in space.
The Musical Fragment project, harmoniously conceived and well defined from a stylistic point of view, reveals the artist’s sensitive intimacy, the possibly created arabesques through processing glass evoke the rhythms transposed in drawing and sculptural form. The sonority of the acoustic arrangements is translated into matter.

Andreea Foanene (2014)