Being active in the field of visual arts, mostly in the late ‘80s, Gabriel Sitaru tends in his creation to achieve a form of essentialized expression, seemingly free of all that could make it deviate from the fundamental idea. Whether he keeps vague figurative marks - so it happens in the series of works on the theme of the couple -, or whether he abandons the morphology of a recognizable reality, the plastic language remains one without unnecessary excesses, impregnated with refinement and suppleness. All these characteristics place Gabriel Sitaru’s work between the coordinates of a late Modernism, adapted to the artist’s personal demands.
          He works in a wide range of materials: marble, granite, stone, bronze, stainless steel, brass, wood, sometimes combining them to obtain the desired plastic effects. His preoccupation with the perfection of the finishing touches is mostly revealed in the tendency to make the surfaces uniform, sometimes taken to complete smoothness.
          The charging of sculptural matter with dislodged meanings in contexts of an acute lyricism has always represented a constant aspect of his work, but the transposing of the poetic metaphor in visual form achieved its climax in the Nodes and Signs exhibition in 2013. Tending towards abstraction, resorting to symbols and suggestions, the artist conceives his works in an explicit correlation with lyrics from Nichita Stănescu’s poems. An extreme sensitivity dominates the entire series. From the full, but subtly modelled, volumes to the delicate contours that delineate space, all of them stay under the sign of a powerful artistic emotion.

Maria Orosan-Telea (2014)