Looking at Tamara Năsturel’s wooden or stone sculptures, one could definitely see creations that are well breathable, where the visual lessons of Brancusi, Jean Arp, Etienne Hajdu and George Apostu are dissolved in his own sensitivity and imagination. 
Monolithic blocks open to the viewer to offer him a story, a sweet song or a tender caress. Tamara Nasturel’s creations have a particular tactility: rough surfaces, obtained through hammering, converge through fine and smooth surfaces, perfectly polished, that invite to resting and meditation. The religious theme is also a constant concern of the author who treats it with a lot of devotion: A Sorrowful Mother of God is admirably suggested by a few spiral volumes, cut into stone that are ending in an oblong shape, but titled in such a master angle that it suggests deep mourning; The Holy Family is so cohesive in its composition that it transmits the entire force of union between Its members; and the wood in which it is carved confers the heat of the soft, carnal, but vigorous forms which define the subject. The Snail is a synthetic representation of the tiny being that carries its home. Dynamics is a quintessence of the mastered force and of the velocity of a becoming movement.

Adrian - Silvan Ionescu (2006)
Tamara Năsturel, artistă şi donatoare generoasă, în: „Obiectiv Vocea Brăilei”, 14 iunie 2006



    (Cernauti, Ukraine* / Chisinau, Moldavian Republic** ?, 1930; 1976 – settles down in France)
    Academic studies:
    1960 - 1963 – School of Folk Art, Sculpture major, Bucharest, Romania.
    * In 1930, Cernauti belonged to Romania
    ** In 1930, Chisinau belonged to Romania


    Personal exhibitions:
    1962 - House of Culture, Bucharest, Romania;
    1965 - 1968 - Municipal Exhibition, "Dalles" Hall, Bucharest, Romania;
    1969 - The Youth House of Culture, Bucharest, Romania;
    1981 - B.N.P. Gallery, Paris, France;
    1990 - The Town Hall in Arrondissement 7, Paris, France;
    1991 - Maison pour Tous, Ville d’Avray, France;
    1994 - "Hartman" Gallery, Paris, France.
    Group exhibitions*:
    since 1965 - participates at The Official Sculpture and Painting Salon, Bucharest, Romania;
    1968 - La femee dans la medaille, international exhibition, Madrid, Spain;
    1969 - La femee dans la medaille, international exhibition, Prague, Czechoslovakia;
             - La femee dans la medaille, international exhibition, Bratislava, Slovakia;
    1973 - Artistes femmes, international exhibition, Athens, Greece;
    since 1976 - regularly participates at SUD 92 Salon, Isy-les-Moulineaux, France;
    2003 - The Graphics Salon, Bucharest, Romania;
    2005 - 2006 - Braila Museum, Braila, Romania.
    Works in public collections: Braila Museum, Romania (in 2005, the artist’s family donated a significant number of her works).
    1990 - Diploma awarded by the International Association - Sodalitas Ovidiana "Publius Ovidius Naso";
    2003 - Diploma of artistic merits awarded by "Dacia Recognition League".
    * Group exhibitions: 1984 - Athens, Greece.


    Vlasiu, Ioana (coord.), Dicţionarul sculptorilor din România. Secolele XIX - XX, Lit. H - Z, Vol. II, Editura Academiei Române, Bucureşti, 2012, pp. 164 - 165.