Born and educated in Timişoara, in an artistic atmosphere renowned for its experimental contemporary character, the artist Iosif Taşi, a.k.a Tajo, manifests a personal profoundness / depth in approaching all the chosen themes and techniques. The book-objects represent a particular chapter in Taşi’s work, explored by the artist in projects such as: Timişoara Is Reading, He and She - Cucuteni, Food - Baia Mare or The Purpose of Dialogue. The necessity of knowledge linked to a spiritual evolution is viewed by the artist as one of the vital functions proper to a human being, formula in which art has a leading role. Musikarte is an innovative project, articulated by its synaesthetic character with intellectual implications. The Musikarte concept creatively explores the idea of a book, a chair, music and a trace over a period of 15 years. Tajo takes into account the links that are created, in the progression of spiritual evolution between the book, as the objectification of the printed message and its visual form, the act of knowledge and the peacefulness of the body sitting on a chair which becomes an instrument of steadiness. Music has an abstract sense, which tends, beyond the identification codes, to an align with the inner music, in an act of self-knowledge through art, and the insertion of the symbol of trace illustrates the minimal sign characteristic of the artist, a type of «personal scent», as the artist himself explains. All the viewer’s senses are challenged by the artist by the proposal to access the artwork whose timeless language establishes a world through the deconstruction of reality and the reconfiguration of it following the artists’ own criteria.

Andreea Foanene (2014)