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        For more than two decades, in the creational field of European glass, the transition to another level of expressiveness, one of a dramatic sculptural nature, has been ascribed to Matei Constantin Negreanu. The artistic career of the French-Romanian radicalized the glazier’s gestures into the violence of the carving. In the beginnings, scenography and fashion could be found in his vicinity. Analytical drawings continuously wallpapered his studio, and now, more frequently, free abstract painting accompanies him in his astral voyages. The runaway exile in the Occident has been decisive for his career, triggering a sort of professional hipermotivation. And so did the innovative diversity – formal and technological – splash in the field of glass art and the full international recognition came to him, eventually. The very first “Negreanu” trademark was the originality of the slices of glass being glued and sanded into a wave-like increasing manner. The action of hitting an optical Corning glass block with a chisel or an electric saw delivers the most unusual portrait caught on camera in a glass blower’s workshop. Negreanu has been labeled as the vehement casseur of the bourgeois taste for graceful glass technology.

Aurelia Mocanu (2014)