Dinu Rădulescu is also a part of the sculptors formed in the sixth decade of the twentieth century, being a complex artist, preoccupied by a few classic themes resumed in his art in a modern spirit: the human being sometimes as a musician, as music, as equestrian statues. Dinu Rădulescu found a direct expressive way to suggest the existence of the subtle links between the language of music and sculpture. The artist carves finely and suggestively, with a great ability to capture this essential feature, capable of individualization. The liveliness of the figures makes that the characters represented to transcend the material from which they are made of: stone, copper, wood, gypsum.
        Dinu Rădulescu`s horses, as not so realistic representations, but rather scholarly plastic interpretations, have a dramatic inner dynamic. The artist starts with this subject to suggest his own feelings towards the nature of life, the human condition. The animals` bodies are created with a remarkable anatomical knowledge, even when the sculptor resorts to examined stylizations. In this manner, the horse transforms itself in a suggestive metaphor of movement that coordinates live beings, gifted with consciousness.

Luiza Barcan (2014)