As a contemporary sculptor with a remarkable artistic activity both in Romania and abroad, Dumitru Radu distinguishes himself from the guild through his attachment to the figure transposed in bronze, the artist’s favourite material, especially when it comes to workshop sculpture where he adds marble or wood to it. In the numerous national and, particularly international symposia, Dumitru Radu works with limestone or marble, but also with unconventional materials. Being extremely meticulous and careful with the finished artefact, the artist works in series whose common denominator is the interest for anatomy and for the human complexion shaped with overflowing imagination and associated with other motifs, such as the prevailing musical instruments or the allusions to the art of music. Quite often, the sculptor anthropomorphizes the musical instrument, revealing and communicating to the viewer new and unexpected valences of the chosen motifs. The accentuated hieratic feature of his works seems to be the result of a poetic and philosophic view on everything related to the human being.
Dumitru Radu, an authentic master of the art of bronze, works with dedication even when it comes to the surfaces of his creations which he thoroughly grinds and adds diverse and expressive glides to them. The unexpected transitions from one form to another are a controlled effect of the visual syntheses for which Dumitru Radu proves to have great endowment.

Luiza Barcan (2014)