Being born in Romania, Olga Porumbaru graduated Floria Capsali`s School of Ballet and then the Superior School of Arts in Bucharest, taking simultaneously philosophy courses at the University of Bucharest. Among the teachers who influenced her artistic training period, can be mentioned Francisc Şirato, Camil Ressu, Jean Steriadi, Cornel Medrea and Constantin Baraschi. She specialized at the "Rudolf Steiner" University in New York, USA. After leaving Romania in 1969, she initially settled down in New York, and then in Rockland since 1966.
         As a multidisciplinary artist, Olga Porumbaru proves her capacity to use a very wide variety of techniques to express her ideas. The spontaneity of painting, the secrets of the three-dimensional shapes, the thoroughness of decorative projects, expressed in interior design works are all defining to her, as well as the approach of mosaic or stained glass and the softness of details with which she conceives her illustrations. Through the Enviromental Arts office in New York she created works of impressive sizes in Las Palmas del Mar and Puerto Rico. The projects in Kuwait, an important facet of Olga Porumbaru`s professional profile, cover both the interior architecture of the new buildings, among which there are various palaces, shopping centers or The Kuwait Embassy in Indonesia. The collaboration with Kuwait lasted 9 years.
         The sculpture realized in Romania was mostly used as décor for some official residences or hotels on the Romanian seaside. Before emigrating in America, she created, in the Romania of the 50s, works with socialist realist themes, among which the sculpture Highlighted Miners became well known.
         The artist manifests a preference for marble and bronze. The anthropomorphic volumes present essentialized poetic states of the feminine body. The simplified rounded forms seem to be immersed in an aquatic environment whose romance sends one into a surrealist revelry. The admiration for Brâncuşi can be observed in the modernist conceptual approach and in the attention with which objects are finished.
        The meaning of Olga Porumbaru`s works is impressive by its volume and the diversity of the themes addressed.

Andreea Foanene (2014)