BENCZÉDI, Ilona (Ileana)


        His activity after graduation focuses on small sculpture, made from terracotta or wood. Her manner reveals the original universe of an artist that sees life sometimes with sarcasm and humour, other times with affection. The artist investigates with determination, subtlety and talent "the world as world", without any time and space distinctions. Fighting the vice and the laughable aspects of reality is usually accompanied by a funny joke. She shows attention to physiognomy, mimics, gesture in a modelling that allows her to nuance her expressions, to underline the primary features of a situation, to underline the comic.

Alexandra Rus



    (Corund, Harghita, 1948; since 1982 she moves to Holland)

    Academic studies:
    1969 - 1973 - "Ion Andreescu" Institute of Fine Arts, Decorative Art Department, Cluj-Napoca.


    Solo exhibitions:
    1974 - Cluj-Napoca;
    1975 - Miercurea Ciuc, Harghita;
             - Satu Mare;
    1976 - Sibiu;
    1977 - Târgu Mureş;
    1979 - Lieve Hemel Gallery, Amsterdam, Holland.

    Group exhibitions:
    She participates at county exhibitions in Cluj-Napoca and the biennales at Bucharest;
    1981- International Exhibition of Small Sculpture, Böblingen, Germany.

    Sculpture Symposiums:
    1975 - Mako, Hungary;
    1977 - Praid, Harghita;
    1978 - Lazărea, Harghita;
             - International Centre of Creation with Ceramics, Heusden, Holland.


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