Trained in the spirit of a classic modernism, Iulia Oniţă honoured (in the second half of the Romanian century, with the cultural structures of that moment) a career of more than four decades, with 20th exemplary vocational levels as a sculptor. She signed public forum monuments with historical figures, portraits of cultural effigies, allegorically-spiritualized themes, until forging her own style of synthetic refinement of the human figure, especially the torso and the portrait. With the fortifying simplifications of the volumes descended from Medrea, with the rhythmic gentleness of Irimescu’s styling clippings, the artist excelled in prolonging the nobility of Gh. D. Anghel’s portraiture, in forging the feminine face and the axial balances of the slim feminine body.

Aurelia Mocanu, Iulia Oniţă, Colecţia Pygmalion, Editura Meridiane, 1987, 103 p.