The volumetric dimension of Florica Prevenda`s works is explored with a touch of thematic and technical diversity. The plastic vision influenced by the principles of abstract expressionism and by the informal art is structured on the magnitude of researching the human being, the subjects being related to both representations of the exterior, physical structures, and also to ideas that call into question the intimate, inner space of the being. Among the concept and the chrome, the volume becomes an instrument through which the artist finds and opens new spaces of creative exploration.
        The germination of the expressive matter from the cryptic portraits presented in 2001 under the title Net People constitutes the moment of crystallization of a dialogue with a volumetric projection of a human form of the present times, explored in projects such as: Shadows of the Present (2004), Faces without a face (2008), Time Regained (2008), Serenity (2010) or Facebook Obsession (2013). In the picture-objects realized by the artist, the volume bears a catalytic role as a sustaining frame of the composition, an identity replica specific to contour drawing. If sometimes the volumetric surfaces represent spaces of experimental progress, other times the three dimensional structures constitute a world in itself. As an instrument of the sensorial communication, the volume tends to become metaphor in a spectacle society, characterized by the game between depersonalization and hyperpersonalization, consumerism, aggression and anxiety.  

Andreea Foanene (2014)