As a "classic" between the contemporaries, Ilarion Voinea belongs to the generation of artists educated in academic spirit for whom the statuary approach was an essential condition for practising sculpting. He unflinchingly followed his calling, working with all the materials destined for sculpture: stone, marble, wood, bronze. To the busts of cultural or political characters, designed for public spaces, Ilarion Voinea adds workshop art or free themed monumental works, and in this last field, he shapes a personal vision in which the interest for the structure and texture of the materials used is not absent and neither is the interest for some spatial positioning experiments with the works. The well-studied geometrics, approached in balanced compositions, is, on one hand, proof of his type of artistic training in the Arts Academy from Cluj, and, on the other hand, of the experience gained throughout time. Being a complex sculptor in approaching his themes, in vision, in the type of selecting the materials, Ilarion Voinea is simultaneously a prolific and conscious of his mission artist.

Luiza Barcan