Gabriel Leontin Păun studied sculpture at the Academy of Arts "George Enescu" from Iaşi, but his constant searches caused him to oscillate during his career between painting, drawing, monumental sculpture, small sculpture and even jewellery. Regarding his activity as a sculptor, he created public forum monuments, especially for his town of origin, Râmnicu Sărat (Bust Florica Cristoforeanu, Bust Pavel Zăgănescu, Monument Capitoline Wolf). Meanwhile, he was also concerned with smaller sculptural objects for which he mostly used wood in combination with various other materials (bronze, glass, metal). Sometimes, his works even integrate fragments of recovered utilitarian objects (And the Queen, The Path, The Dead Man and His Time). The artist involved in those types of sculptures and in materializing the proposed themes a kind of ingenuity that confers the viewer the satisfaction of discovering a candid and fully honest artistic approach.

Maria Orosan Telea (2014)