Affirming himself especially in the field of photography and video art, he also uses the traditional modes of the live performance, in which the body is exploited as a scenic, unmediated presence. His conceptual endeavour is based on irony, nostalgia and a grave assumption of the social. He is also interested in the field of cultural experience, of everyday life, of the urban periphery and of his own interiority. He also makes video installations, using elements of his own actions or of collective actions, as well as photo or video installations, post-performance type.

Alexandra Titu



    (Suceava, 1963)

    Academic studies:
    1983 - 1988 - Polytechnic University, Iaşi;
    1990 - 1996 - Academy of Art "George Enescu”, Painting, Decorative Art and Design Department, Iaşi;
    2006 - PhD in aesthetics, University "Al.I. Cuza" from Iași;

    Professional activity:
    since 1999 - teaches Photography and Video Art at University of Arts "George Enescu", Iași;
    1997 - 2008 - founder and artistic director of the Biennale of Contemporary Art "Peripheral" from Iași.
    2001 - 2011 - Founding member and president of Vector Association in Iași;
    2003 - 2007 - Artistic director of Vector Gallery in Iași;
                        - he initiated and presided the „cARTier” association of social culture, with his colleagues from Vector Association;
    2011 - 2012 - guest lecturer at Université du Québec à Montréal, Canada.

    Collaborates with "Andreiană Mihail" Gallery, Bucharest


    Solo exhibitions:
    1996 - Reflexive, "Matei Millo" Gallery, Iaşi;
             - 9 days, "Cupola" Gallery, Iaşi;
    1998 - Interferences, Palace of Culture, Târgu Mureş;
             - Disarchivists, Foto-Gad Gallery, Bucharest;
    1999 - Uneven parallels, "Cupola" Gallery, Iaşi;
    2002 - Mehr Chancen Fur Unsere Jugend, Kulturkontakt Gastatelier, Vienna, Austria;
             - Hello / Ave Bachtalo, Offspace Gallery, Vienna, Austria;
    2005 - Strawberry Fields Forever, Nouă Gallery, Bucharest;
             - Travelling Guide, in IDEA Art Magazine, Cluj-Napoca;
    2007 - Travelling Guide, "Possible" Gallery, Bucharest;
    2009 - Double Stereo, ERSEP Tourcoing (with Yves Robuschi) Gallery, curators: Ivan Polliart and Christelle Manfredi, France;
             - M3 - Work, Memory, Movement, Cupoa Gallery, Iași;
    2011 - Projects 2008 - 2010, Gallery of Contemporary Art, Brukenthal National Museum, Sibiu;
             - Lupta cu inerția / Battling Inertia, Andreiana Mihail Gallery, Bucharest;
    2012 - "Life into Art / Art into Life”, curator Izabel Galliera, Art Gallery, North Adams, Massachusetts, SUA;
    2013 - “From A to B”, Cupola Gallery, Iaşi.

    Group exhibitions:
    1994 - Art Unlimited s.r.l., Art Museum, Arad;
    1995 - Object, Objective, Community Centre Gallery, Bucharest;
             - Neo-traditionalism and neo-avant-garde, Community Centre Gallery, Bucharest;
             - INTER(n), Art Museum, curator: Judit Angel, Arad;
    1996 - Ready; Experiment, Floor ¾ Gallery, National Theatre, curator: Alexandra Titu, Bucharest;
    1997 - Cold Sun, ¾ Gallery, National Theatre, Bucharest;
             - Peripheral 1, French Cultural Centre, Iași;
             - Ad-Hoc, Romanian Art of Today, "Ludwig" Museum, curator: Erwin Kessler, Budapest, Hungary;
             - Civitas Solis, Civitas Artis, Soros Centre for Contemporary Art, Câlnic, curator: Maria Rus Bojan, Alba;
    1998 - Gioconda's Smile, Performance Festival, Chișinău, curator: Octavian Esanu, Republic of Moldova;
             - Peripheral 2, Performance Festival, Iași;
    1999 - Ann Art, Saint Ana Lake, curator: Gusztav Uto, Sfântu Gheorghe, Covasna;
             - Zone 3, Performance Festival, curator: Ileana Pintilie, Timișoara;
    2000 - Limitary roads, Coyote Gallery, curator: Olga Ștefan, Chicago, USA;
             - Transferatu, Ifa Gallery, curator: Dan Mihălţianu, Berlin, Germany;
    2001 - Biennale in Venice (49th edition), Romanian Pavilion, curator: Alexandru Patatics, Italy;
             - Fabs Show, Poznanski Factory, curator: Malgorzata Sidor, Lodz, Poland;
             - Never Stop The Action, Steirischer Herbst Festival, Rotor Graz (A), curators: Margarethe Makovec and Anton Lederer;
    2002 - Mope 02, Performance Festival, curator: Markus Lerviks, Vasa, Sweden;
             - Akt 2, Performance Festival, curator: František Kowolowski, Brno, Czech Republic;
             - Public and Private Space, curator: Zoran Eric, Cacak, Serbia;
             - Ebent, Performance Festival, curator: Maria Cosmes, CCCB Barcelona, Spaain;
    2003 - Superbia, curator: Stephen Brandes, Dublin, Ireland;
             - U-Topos, Second Biennale at Tirana, curator: Branislava Dimitrevic, Albania;
    2004  - I Am Here You Are There..., curator: Barbara Steiner, Leipzig, Germania;
              - The Roma Show, Minoriten Gallery Graz (Austria), Jana Koniarka Gallery Trnava (Slovakia), Skuc Gallery Ljubljana (Slovenia);
    2005  - Situated Self, Museum for Contemporary Art Belgrade (Serbia);
              - Tennis Art Palace, curators: Branko Dimitrević și Mika Haanula, Helsinki, Finland;
              - Motion Parade, Photo-gallery in Vienna, curator: Alina Serban, Austria;
              - Just a Doubt, Manhattan Gallery, curator: Ivan Polliart, Łodz , Poland;
    2006 - Journey Against the Current - Kuba, Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary, Nestroyhof, Vienna, Austria;
             - Check-in Europe - Reflecting Identities in Contemporary Art, European Patent Office, curator: Marius Babias, München, Germany;
    2007 - If you find this world bad, you should see some of the others, Biennale at Prague, curator: Simona Nastac, Cehia;
             - The Irresistible Force, Tate Modern London - Level 2 Gallery, curator: Ben Borthwick, Great Britain;
             - Blurrr 6, Performance Festival, curator: Sergio Edelsztein, Tel Aviv, Israel;
             - Social Cooking Romania, curator: Dan Mihălțianu, Berlin, Germany;
    2008 - Schengen, Finekost Gallery Berlin, curator: Aaron Moulton, Germany;
             - Bienbale at Taipei, Taiwan, curators: Manray Shu and Vasif Kortun, China;
             - Spa Port, curator: Ana Nikitovic, Banja Luka, Bosnia;
             - Move On, Futura Art Center Prague, curator: Alberto di Stefano, Czech Republic;
    2009 - Dacia, Lille 3000 series of exhibitions and events, Galerie Comune Tourcoing, curator: Christelle Manfredi, France;
             - Performing the East, curator: Hemma Schmutz, Salzburger Kunstverein, Albania;
    2010 - The Haifa Mediterranian Biennial, curator: Belu Fainaru, Haifa, Israel;
             - Over the counter, Mucsarnok Museum Budapest, curators: Eszther Lazar, Zsolt Petranyi, Hungary;
             - Songs for a better future, KNOT project, curator: Raluca Voinea, Bucharest;
             - Best Laid Plans, The Drawing Room London, curator: Cylena Simmonds, Great Britain;
             - Critical Point, Vector Association participation at Frieze Projects London, curator: Livia Pancu, Great Britain;
             - Image at work, INDEX Stockholm and the Romanian Cultural Institute in Stockholm, curator: Helena Holmberg, Sweden;
    2011 - Living Today, Glasgow School of Art, curator: Jenny Brownrigg, Great Britain;
             - Vector Association at Western Front, curators: Livia Pancu & Jesse McKee, Western Front Vancouver, Canada;
             - Artists’ Film Club, ICA London, curator: Cylena Simonds, USA;
             - Songs for a better future, PerformIC Festival, curator: Andrei Siclodi, Innsbruck, Austria;
    2012 - One Sixth of the Earth. Ecologies of Image, Museo de arte contemporaneo de Castilla et Leon, curator: Mark Nash, Spain.

    1998 - Gioconda’s smile (in Romanian Gioconda fără surâs), Water tower, Chişinău, Republic of Moldova;
    1999 - at Festival Periferic, Iaşi;
             - at Festival Zone 3, Timişoara;
             - at Festival Efemer, Bucharest;
    2001 - Speaking 4, Fabs Show, Lodz, Poland;
             - Walzer der Dinge, Never Stop The Action Festival, Graz, Austria;
    2002 - at Festival Zone 4, Timișoara;
             - Looking for Caslav, Cacak, Serbia;
             - Hello / Ave Bachtalo, Akt 2 festival, Brno, Czech Republic;
             - Sauna Speaking, Mope 02, Vasa, Sweden;
             - A Metamorphosis of Speaking, live radio broadcast, ORF Kunstradio, organizer: Jeanette Pacher, Vienna, Austria;
             - Strawberry Fields Forever, Ebent Festival, CCCB Barcelona, Spain;
    2004 - Speaking 5, House of Writers, curator: Barbara Steiner, Chișinău (Republic of Moldova), Leipzig (Germany);
    2007 - Împreună / Together, Tate Modern London, curator: Ben Borthwick, Great Britain;
    2009 - ZäuberJackl Quest, curator: Hemma Schmutz, Salzburger Kunstverein, Austria.

    1993 - In-communication;
    1994 - Alexander the Good, Iaşi;
    1996 - Duo;
    2002 - "Looking for Caslav”, DVD, 8min.
    2003 - Alexander the Good, Epilogue, DVD - 6 mn.;
    2007 - Maersk Dubai, DVD - 8 min.;
    2009 - A.S.B.T., HDV, 14 min.;
    2010 - From afar, HDV, 5 min.;
             - Fighting inertia, HDV, 14min.

    Awards and Prizes (selection):
    2000 - Artslink Grant (artist in residence at "Around The Coyote” Gallery, Chicago)
    2002 - Artist in residence at Kulturkontakt Vienna, Austria;
    2007 - Artist in residence at the Romanian Cultural Institute and Tate Modern in London, Level 2 Gallery;
    2008 - Artist in residence at Futura Art Center în Prague, Czech Republic;
    2009 - Artist in residence at Nykarelby, Finland;
    2011 - 2012 - Visiting Professor la Universite du Quebec a Montreal (UQAM), Canada.


    Fundația culturală META, Un secol de sculptură românească. Dicționar A-D, Colecția SINTEZE, Editura META, 2001, pp. 54 - 55.