ORZA, Mircea




          Discovering the expressive properties of every material, varying from the traditional ones to the modern ones, industrially obtained, as a pronounced vocation of experimentalism, are two of the most essential artistic traits of Mircea Orza, a sculptor educated in the eight decade in the Arts Academy in Cluj. With a free vision, unconstrained either of conventions or representation clichés, the sculptor from Cluj approaches any subject with a lavish imagination, but the human figure remains, however, in the foreground. The freedom of expression to which Mircea Orza constantly relates to definitely recommended him for international contemporary art, especially in the United States of America where he created many monumental works dedicated to public spaces. In the workshop, where he does not hesitate to establish an unexpected dialogue between new and traditional materials, the sculptor realizes exciting spatial compositions, dynamic and non-tectonic, whose protagonist is the human being, detached form space and time and transformed into the character of a continuous present, directly confronting his own condition.

Luiza Barcan (2014)