PLEŞA, Carol



        The sensitivity and the talent, the thorough artistic education, the profile of a complex and consistent work were not equal, in Carol Pleşa`s case, either with an immediate recognition, nor with glorification as product of a valuable fact. Even though, the creative beginnings underlined the evidence of a valuable professional path, the historical and social twists and turns characterizing the Romanian cultural environment of the twentieth century determined a series of unfavourable changes for the artist`s immediate success. Maybe because of that, the creator assumed the reality of a long-term fight. However, Carol Pleşa`s work does not carry the signs of the tragic turmoil or of the great energies invested by their creator in keeping a type of verticality in the context of a less mobilizing reality. Both the artist`s sculpture and painting seem to be suspended somewhere in time and space, representing a separate universe, a world in itself. With a sensitivity marked by the attachment for the nineteenth century Romantic utopia, using the technical media proper to modern art, with an obvious Expressionist ancestor, Carol Pleşa defines himself as one of the Intimist artists of his time. His work remains a realm of appreciating images and personal experiences, corresponding to a valorising proximity of an archetypal perspective.

Andreea Foanene (2014)