Being attracted to the spatial problems of sculpture, the artist represents, in a first series of works, some beings’ silhouettes, especially birds. Gradually, the sculptor expands his repertoire of shapes, following, each time, the impact between volume and space. The fact that is really important in these structures which merge anthropomorphic, zoomorphic and mechanomorphic suggestions is not the reference they can make to a certain regnum, to a certain formal category, but the tendency of empowerment, of addressing a species without natural identity - a species that is linked to the plastic shape.From the vegetal, animal or industrial structures, the created "beings" seem to maintain only their phototropic tendency, the secret dynamics that grants them a significant visual status. Gradually, the sculptural shapes increasingly depart from the concrete sphere, reaching a high level of abstraction. Once the abstract convention is installed, the artist often rediscovers the pleasure of integrating in the composition some explicit references to the organic world, to the deposits of the totemic representations. The mythological echoes fusion with the morphologies integrated by modern technologies that are retained not from a need to comment on them, but only to the extent that they are joined with their own tensions and formal aspirations.

Constantin Prut (2014)
Dicționar de artă modernă și contemporană, ediție în curs de apariție la Editura Polirom, Iași, 2015