Being dynamic and curious, the sculptor adopts different volumetric techniques depending on the purpose and the theme of the work discussed. Through the nature of his art, Lucian Tudorache could be seen as an ambitious competitor, sure of the value of his originality and a good connoisseur of the sculpture techniques. The public demands and his participation in numerous sculpture camps define the number of monumental works. His plastic language varies depending on the approached topic.

Andreea Foanene (2014)



    (Galaţi, 1965)

    Academic Studies:
     - Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Decorative, specialization Sculpture, class teacher Vasile Condurache, Academy of Art ”George Enescu“, Iaşi.
    2004 - UNESCO scholarship at the European Centre of Venice in the field of Stone Restauration with specialization in the conservation of architectural heritage, Venice, Italy.

    Proffesional activity:
    1992 - Until present - Sculpture and drawing teacher at the ”Victor Brauner“ Art High School, Piatra Neamţ.


    Personal exhibitions:
    2000 - Art Museum, Piatra Neamţ;
    2005, 2008, 2013 - ”Lascăr Vorel“ Art Gallery, Piatra Neamţ.
    Group exhibitions:
    1990 - Group exhibition of the ”George Enescu“ Academy of Art, hotel Unirea, Iaşi;
    1991 - Rotonda Hall, Iaşi;
    1992 - International Fine & Decorative Arts Salon, Art Museum, Tulcea;  
    1993 - Municipal Gallery, Biella, Italy;
    1994, 2008, 2012 - ”Lascăr Vorel“ Galleries, Piatra Neamţ;
    1996 - Participates at the creation of the models from W. Shakespeare’s plaz ”Much To Do About Nothing“ directed by Alexandru Dabija, at the Youth’s Theatre of Piatra Neamţ;
    1997, 1999, 2005, 2007 - ”Lascăr Vorel“ Biennial Fine Arts, Piatra Neamţ;
    2000 - German Cultural Center, Iaşi;
    2002 - Vert, Gallery Piatra Neamţ;
    2003 - TopArt Art Gallery, Piatra Neamţ;
             - Grot Art, Piatra Neamţ Gallery;
    2004 - Artis Gallery, Bucureşti;
             - Painting, grafics and sculpture - UAP Neamţ, organized at the national Theatre - ”ARTIS’HALL“, Bucureşti;
    2004, 2007, 2010 - Group Exhibition ”Saloanele Moldovei“, Chişinău-Bacău;
    2006 - Apollo Art Gallery, Bucureşti;
    2007 - Roman Art Gallery, Neamţ;
             - Artimundo Art Gallery, Bruxelles, Belgium;
    2008 - ICR, Venice, Italy;
             - Aripa Art Gallery, Torino, Italy ;                    
    2011, 2012 - Art Museum, Roman, Neamţ;
    2012 - Muzeul Cetatea Neamţului, Târgu Neamţ.

    1987 - Camp of the National Sculpture Stud, Slănic-Moldova, Bacău;
    1988 - Camp of the National Sculpture Stud, Pârâul Rece, Braşov;   
    1989 - Camp of the National Sculpture Stud, Hârlău, Iaşi;
    1999, 1998, 2000 - ”Nicolae Tonitza“ Symposium, Durâu, Neamţ;
    2003 - Artă şi sacralitate Symposium, Cucuteni, Iaşi;
    2004 - Art as Life Symposium , first edition, Galaţi                                                                                         
    2005 - National Simposium of restauration, ”The Monument“ Tradition and Future, Iaşi;
             - Moldavia’s Drawing-room, Bacău-Chişinău;
    2006 - Drăgăşani Symposium, Vâlcea;
             - ”Ion Irimescu“ Symposium, Bistriţa;
    2007 - Văratec Symposium, Neamţ;
    2008 - Symposium club Rotary Donaris,Costache Negri, Galaţi;
    2009 - Trondheim Symposium, Norwey;
    2010 - Oglinzi Neamţ Symposium, UAP Neamţ.

    Monumental works:
    1996 - Historic Monument Ştefan the Great and Holy (bronze), Piscu, Galaţi;
    1998 - Monumental work in fresco, Stulpicani, Suceava;
    2004 - Monumental portret Victor Brauner (stone), „Victor Brauner” Art High-school, Piatra Neamţ.

    Works in collections:
     - Museum of Contemporany Art Galaţi;
     - Art Museum Piatra Neamt,Vâlcea;
     - Private collections: Romania, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Norwey, Canada.

    Books ilustration:
    1995 - Children books ilustration, Panteon Publisher House from Piatra Neamţ;