The expressive volumetric discourse of the artist is structured / based on the relationship between art and mathematics. Being a professional jeweller completes his sculptural attempts, offering him the chance to understand the complexity of shapes and the symbolic perspective of the used materials’ conceptual meanings. Alex Usineviciu’s sculptures define themselves stylistically through the simplicity and ingenuity with which the artist intertwines the metal wires that form the composition. The concept adopted and developed systemically by the artist has a large scope of applicability. Alexandru Usineviciu’s work secretly inserts itself in the history of imagery, both through the expressiveness of the sculptures that target the relationship with different types of dynamism, works such as Wings, Dance or Flames, through the identity of the pieces of jewellery created, and through the hyperdimensional perspective of urban innovations, expressed in bridge design projects.

Andreea Foanene (2014)