A moment in the existence of a stone is encoded, removed from time. Through embedding the lithic fragment in a conceptually marked space with simple baguettes, a sign of the suggested horizontal and vertical planes, that piece of matter emerges from obscurity. By possessing the natural elements and transforming them into works of art, the sculptress Anamaria Şerban proposes a direct, conceptual volumetric solution, close to the experience of the unmediated contact with nature. The simplicity of the intervention is determined by two defining forces: verticality and horizontality - with which the artist creates and fragments spaces. Attached to modernity’s roots, to the conceptual transparency of a Mondrian or a Jean Arp, Anamaria Şerban elaborates her own path by gathering and owning the land art experiences, the insertion of performance or the conceptual discourse in the volumetric creative act. The encounter with the young sculptress’ works enriches the experience of perception.

Andreea Foanene (2014)