From the various and numerous contemporary plastic approaches, Elena Scutaru’s sculpture stands out through a striking interest for experimenting at the level of materials’ use, but also at the level of a constant challenge that the artist addresses to the viewer. She also undeniably experiences a certain type of reaction from the viewer which is excited to receive subjects that have always been exploited / achieved in arts, but are presented in unique visual forms.
          The themes addressed by Elena Scutaru are essentially classics, but each time they are challengingly dressed up in the "crust"
of some aesthetically converted materials, from the traditional ones to the natural ones or the unconventional ones. The human being, with its avatars, with its ever changing masks, according to the times, permanently incites / arouses Elena Scutaru’s imagination and creativity. Groups of characters or the unique / single feminine character, seemingly stripped of its mystery and exposed under the scope of an analytical view, take apart their enigma and offer an invitation to meditation on the human condition. The motif of the bird, often present in the artist’s compositions, accompanies man as its double and makes explicit references to mythology and archetypes.

Luiza Barcan (2014)