Aurel Roşu is a prominent name in the artistic communities from Oradea. As an artist, he acts in the domains of painting, graphics and sculpture and he has an extensive national exhibiting activity. He has been leading the Oradea Branch of the Romanian Fine Arts Union since 2000.
          Unified by the technique used (painted wood), his sculptural creation consists of a thematic repertoire contaminated by archetypal motifs and mythological or Christian symbolism. The pendulum, the gate, the letter, the ladder, the altar, the musical instrument are just a few of the recurrent motifs integrated into his works. With an inclination for an archaic plastic language, in which wood holds on to his texture and imperfections and the form of the sculpted structures folds onto its natural arches, onto its nodes and cracks, Aurel Roşu gives an almost ritualistic sense to wood carving. The profound respect for the nature of the moulded material is associated with its transformation in support for delicate designs or for abstract, free, kinaesthetic brushstrokes.
          In the Epistles and Letters series, the designs tend to become refined calligraphic ones which charge the works with additional meanings. At the opposite end of the archaic touch in works such as Archaic Altar or Weaver / Weaving can be placed the 2011 series of works (including: Butterfly, Spatial Geometry, Stellar Gate), in which the artist uses Expressionist chromatics and pictorial gestures which contradict the geometry of some structures such as the triangle, the square, the circle, that the sculptor often integrates into his compositions.
          Consequently, the two artistic views which give consistency to Aurel Roşu’s art are one that is a tribute to popular archaism and the other one that is channelled towards plastic methods of modernist movements.

Maria Orosan-Telea (2014)