The sculpture of master Predescu is placed under the sign of the search, of the evolutionary renewal. The artist’s work cumulates a multitude of stylistic and thematic directions assumed either because of the geopolitical reality’s context, thanks to the intimate, subjective options or adapted to the public requests that had to be honored.
        The volume’s elegance is sometimes filled with vigor and enthusiasm, in works such as the equestrian Avram Iancu (1975) or George Stephanescu (1969), and other times it is encapsulated by the figurative nature melted almost to the symbolic form, in a stage of inspiration represented through works such as Dance (1967) or The Legend (1970).
The recently developed works, in the period after 2000, figurative, poetical and mysterious, contain surreal innuendos. Allegorical and symbolical characters resembling the ones evoked in works such as: Eol (2009) or The Pilgrim (2001) emanate a clear theatricality, which introduces us in a secret space.
         Through the ingenuous association of diverse materials: marble and aragonite with turquoise and copper insertions, the artist becomes determined to use the decorative technical limits of an inspired goldsmith in the chosen elements’ metamorphosis.

Andreea Foanene (2014)