OANCEA, Ileana






          Already having a public-forum like success by the monumental-ludic expansion of the bourgeois ornament icon, “the countess” of the young sculpture in Bucharest, Ileana Oancea, has a polymorphous “fan” of stylistic levels. She put her signature on tragic-comic homunculi with Naturalistic feet cast in bronze, outdoor installations with feet, a beheaded Magrettian girl, but holding a globe, on Lenin’s pedestal, trivial faces in aedicule-like cages, carefully marqueteried, a couple with matterically designed garments, cut off from the waist up. With a bookish binder, the uncanniness and the postmanneristic message are optimally served by the heteroclitic nature of the old materials and by the unpredictability of the nowadays volumetry.

Aurelia Mocanu (2014)



    (Bucharest, 1977)

    Academic studies:
    2001 - Graduate of the National University of Arts, Sculpture major, with Professor Mircea Spătaru, Bucharest, Romania;
    2003 - Postgraduate studies at the National University of Arts, Sculpture major, with Professor Mircea Spătaru, Bucharest, Romania;
    2006 - PhD in "Visual Arts", National University of Arts, with Professor Mircea Spătaru, Bucharest, Romania.

    1996 - Internship in Morocco, provided by the Ministry of National Education;
    1996 - Scholarship in Cheltenham, Great Britain, provided by "Princess Margareta of Romania" Foundation;
    1997 - The International Festival "Global Observance Earth Day", Philippines;
    2001 - Internship in Rome, given by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Italy, and the Ministry of National Education, Romania.
    2002 - One year scholarship for young artists, Romanian Fine Arts Union, Bucharest branch.

    Professional activity:
    1997 - Restoring the ceramic reliefs on the façade of the Memorial House "Gheorghe Tăttărescu", Bucharest, Romania;
    2002 - 2014 - Curator, Museum of History – Memorial house "Frederic Storck and Cecilia-Cuțescu Storck", Bucharest, Romania;
    2004 - 2005 - Assistant lecturer, Postgraduate Studies Department, National University of Arts, Bucharest, Romania;
    2011 - 2012 - Lecturer, Faculty of Architecture, "Spiru Haret" University, Bucharest, Romania.

    since 2002 - Member of the Romanian Fine Arts Union, Sculpture department (Bucharest Branch).


    Personal exhibitions:
    2001 - European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), Bucharest, Romania;
             - Transilvania Bank, Bucharest, Romania;
    2003 - "House of Art" Gallery, Bucharest, Romania;
    2004 - Both I and She, Assemblage Gallery, Marriott, Bucharest, Romania;
    2006 - Cubic, The "Orizont" Art Gallery, Bucharest Romania;
    2013 - Tiny People, "Art Yourself Gallery", Bucharest, Romania.

    Group exhibitions*:
    2002 - City Hall, Bucharest, Romania;
    2002, 2003 - A Sculptor’s Drawings, The "Orizont" Art Gallery Bucharest, Romania;
    2003 - Titularizări, sculpture exhibition, "House of Art" Gallery, Bucharest Romania;
             - Municipal Salon on Sculpture, "Apollo" Gallery, Bucharest Romania;
             - Three stages, sculpture exhibition, "ArTei" Gallery, Hanul cu tei/ Linden Inn, Bucharest Romania;
             - "Apollo" Gallery, Bucharest Romania;
             - The postgraduate alumni exhibition, "3⁄4 Floor" Gallery, National Theatre, Bucharest Romania;
    2003, 2004 - National Small Sculpture Salon, The "Orizont" Art Gallery, Bucharest Romania;
    2004 - Cocktail, sculpture exhibition, "Apollo" Gallery, Bucharest Romania;
             - Young Artists, Assemblage Gallery, Marriott, Bucharest Romania;
    2005 - Romanian Contemporary Sculptors, "Artis" Gallery, Bucharest Romania;
    2007 - Vadastra Symposium - documentary exhibition of photography, Seulo, Italy;
    2008 - Vadastra Symposium - documentary exhibition of photography, The Museum of Natural History, Milan, Italy;
    2011 - County Salon, Ramnicu Valcea, Romania;
    2013 - Countess, within the contemporary jewelry fair "Author", "Dalles" Hall, Bucharest Romania;
    2014 - Countess, within the Romanian Design Week, Bucharest Romania;

    1996 - Sculpture Camp, Gloucester, Great Britain;
    2004 - Fine Arts Camp, Visual Arts Museum, Galati, Romania;
             - Experimental Camp, Vadastra Archaeopark, Olt, Romania (grant CNCSIS);
    2005 - Fine Arts Camp, Samothraki, Greece;
    2011 - Experimental Archaeology Camp, Vadastra Archaeopark, Olt, Romania;
             - Marble Sculpture Camp, Ramnicu Valcea, România.

    2010 - Bronze casting demonstration session, Neolithic, Sardinia, Italy;
    2012 - "Expanded space - Individual and table" Project, initiated by the Volum Art Association, Strada work, located in Calea Victoriei, Bucharest Romania;
    2013 - "SPAM - Copy/Paste" Project, Countess work, Carol Park, Bucharest (the exhibit won the jury award);
    2014 - "11172014" Project, "Art Yourself" Gallery, project with 11 monthly group exhibitions of 17 artists (artists: Aitch, Felix Aftene, Gabriel Caloian, Codruța Cernea, Mihail Cosulețu, Cristian Crisbășan, Suzana Dan, Amalia Dulhan, Andreea Floreanu, Cornel Lazia, Cătălin Oancea, Ileana Oancea, Dragoș Pătrașcu, Tudor Pătrașcu, Radu Rodideal, Adrian Sandu, Bogdan Teodorescu, Ioana Ursa), Bucharest Romania;
             - „Project 1990”, Roşia Montană work, curator Ioana Ciocan, Free Press Square, Bucharest Romania;

    She has exhibits in collections from museums and galleries throughout the country: Visual Arts Museum, Galati.
    She has works in private collections in Romania and abroad.

    Published articles:
    APLIMAT, international conference, Bratislava, 2011.
    "Isomorphism" Magazine, Timisoara, 2012.

    *Group exhibitions: 2003 - Craiova, Dolj, Romania.