Valeriu Semenescu is a university professor at the University of Arts and Design from Cluj-Napoca. His creative domain is glass art which he practiced both as a series industrial production (in the communist period) and also as a unique artistic object. He worked in blown glass, sometimes associating to this material some paper, sawdust or resins. The interest for experiment conducted Valeriu Semenescu towards approaching the thermo-formation technique at 800-900 degrees, towards using plane glass and glass frit (in the Pillars series, exhibited at the Simeza Gallery in 2011). In creating his decorative pieces, he uses an abstracting plastic language in which shape conquers space with a lot of expressive force. Based on contrasts such as: translucency-
opacity, malleability-firmness, roughness-smoothness, fluidity-stiffness, density-rarefaction, his compositions exuberantly combine the abundance of shapes and volumes. Colour has an important role as well, few of the works being left without the chromatic element. Regarding the utilitarian objects, they are aestheticized and sometimes they are quite filled with metaphorical meanings, especially as perishability and fragility transform the used material in one that is suitable for approaches with poetic nuances.

Maria Orosan Telea (2014)